Cauliflower Protein Smoothie

“I really am a smoothie person. I love making a morning smoothie and then will drink some coffee and will not eat at all before lunch.” –Gwyneth Paltrow


Whether you like to drink your protein from a to-go cup or serve it in a bowl, there’s no denying the popularity of smoothies.  Smoothies are a great way to start your day on the right nutritional path. You can get a serving of protein, healthy fat, fresh fruit, and/or vegetables all in one convenient, portable, and most of all, tasty meal.  In fact, you can even add in your favorite coffee or tea for a jolt of caffeine if desired!


           You can even toss in your favorite morning beverage as a liquid to this smoothie recipe!


           While many proponents of daily smoothie-consumption encourage making the smoothie first thing in the morning and consuming it immediately, I typically make mine the night before, and store it in the refrigerator overnight.  Ok, so maybe after 8-12 hours of sitting in the fridge, my smoothie’s nutritional value is slightly reduced; it still has MUCH more nourishment than those ready-to-go bottles and cans found on grocery and convenience store shelves.  Plus, I know what I make has far less sugar, and does not contain any extra additives that might cramp or bloat my belly.


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             I have experimented with adding several different vegetables to my smoothie: from spinach to Swiss chard, romaine lettuce to kale, and all other leafy greens in between.  However, my most often repeated go-to vegetable is frozen riced cauliflower. I know, it sounds odd at first, but it blends well and makes a smoothie extra creamy. Like a blank canvas, all other flavors override the taste of cauliflower, making it the perfect veggie add-in.


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          Adding in cauliflower to my daily smoothie adds significant nutritional value.  To begin, cauliflower is not only full of fiber which keeps me feeling fuller longer, but it also contains fancy sounding compounds–glucoraphanin, sulforaphane, glucosinolate, glucobrassicin, and gluconasturtiin—that when combined with cauliflower’s naturally occurring fiber–help promote digestion, detoxification, and nutrient absorption.  



You don’t see any cauliflower here, and neither will you taste it; however, you will reap all of its nutritional benefits!


           Cauliflower is also abundant in antioxidants and anti-inflammatory elements.  It’s loaded with vitamins C and K as well as omega-3 fatty acids. Humble cauliflower is also chock-full of selenium, phosphorus, and calcium—which can boost your immune system.  Plus, not only does it look like a brain, but it can boost brain function as it also contains choline, a vital nutrient for brain development.


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           I could go on and on about the nutritional and health benefits of cauliflower; but, bottom line, my smoothie recipe taste great!!! It possesses the creamy texture I crave, and by the time my workday begins, I’ve already consumed one serving of vegetables, protein, and healthy fat to power my way through the morning!  Personally, I like to make it with less liquid and eat it as a smoothie bowl because it feels as if I am eating pudding for breakfast! That said, I’ve certainly been known to blend it up with coffee and drink it on the way to work!


From a handful of ingredients, I can make myself either a delicious smoothie or smoothie bowl.


           Regardless of whether you drink this, or eat it with a spoon, it is worth the effort to make this powerhouse meal!  And, hey, who says you have to have it for breakfast? You can consume this any time of the day you want the convenience of nutrition in a cup! Plus, this recipe can be modified to fit any nutritional program especially if you are following the **Optimal Weight 5&1 Plan.  It is gluten free, and can be made vegan or vegetarian if desired. What’s not to love about that kind of versatility?

           From my home to yours, I wish healthy, happy, homemade meals . . .even if they’re to go!


These are all optional nutritional boost add-ins if needed in your diet.


A great gluten-free and plant based (vegan) protein powder that is pocket friendly and widely available at many local store.


Cauliflower Smoothie

**If following Optimal Weight 5&1 Plan, see below!

Makes one smoothie or bowl


½ to 1 ½ -cup water, coffee, tea, or favorite milk/milk substitute (Use less for bowl, more for smoothie)

½ teaspoon pure vanilla extract

Dash of pink Himalayan sea salt

1-packet favorite sweetener (I use Stevia.)

1 serving of your favorite protein

1½-teaspoon to 1-tablespoon chia seed, ground flaxseed, or hemp seed (Use only chia seed if making bowl for thickness.)

1-tablespoon cocoa or cacao powder (Optional)

½ – 1-cup frozen riced cauliflower  (I use ¾ cup or 85 grams.) (Can also use same amount of spinach, but will give smoothie a green tint.)

Optional:  Add in ½- ¾-cup of favorite frozen fruit for added sweetness and even more vitamins and fiber, such as blueberries, strawberries, blackberries, cherries, and so forth.

Other optional nutritional boosts:  1 scoop of collagen, 1 scoop of greens powder, 1 scoop of glutamine (especially when consuming within an hour or so of working out), mct or coconut oil and/or ghee.


          Once you add in half of the total amount of liquid to your blender cup, then add in the ingredients in the order listed.



Pour ½ the amount of desired liquid to bottom of 1 serving blender cup.

Add rest of ingredients in the order listed.

Pour rest of liquid on top.

Attach to blender and blend well—usually 60-90 seconds works on my Ninja.

Serve immediately, or store until next morning.  (I especially like to make this the night before, pour it into a bowl or cup, and refrigerate overnight for a quick grab and go breakfast.  If making a smoothie bowl, it is especially nice to top with freshly sliced fruit and/or sprinkle with your favorite nut pieces. Additionally, if you’re not opposed to consuming dairy, consider topping your bowl with a dollop of whipping cream.)

**Optimal Weight 5&1 Plan:

If you are like my daughter, Madelyn, a *Health Coach who follows the Optimal Weight 5&1 Plan, but you struggle to get in your “greens” because you are new to vegetables or not a big fan, then adding cauliflower to recipes if a fantastic way to painlessly get in that nutritious, and essential green.  We add in riced cauliflower to many of her recipes which I will continue to share in the future.  (As of the writing of this blog, Madelyn has lost a total of 11 pounds and 11 inches in three weeks!)

For this smoothie recipe, plan for the following:

Combine your favorite fueling (Shake or smoothie works best here)

Each 1/2 cup of riced cup of cauliflower = 1 green  (Remember, you need 3 per day!)

Then, the following optional additions fit in your plan this way:  (Of course, you do not need to add in any of the options, just pick one or two that you best suit you!)

1/2 teaspoon of pure vanilla extract = 1/2 condiment

1 teaspoon cocoa powder= 1 condiment

1 packet stevia = 1 condiment

1/2 teaspoon chia seed = 1 condiment

1 teaspoon flax seed = 1 healthy fat serving

1 serving of whipped topping = 1 condiment

Remember, on the Optimal Weight 5&1 Plan, you can have up to 3 condiments per day and 2 healthy fats per day.

*For more information regarding the Optimal Weight 5&1 Plan, send message here, or send a private Facebook message my daughter, Maddie Hill or me.







Shadows and Willow Trees: Not-so-Simple Lessons of Life

           “Even though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil, for you are with me; your rod and your staff, they comfort me.”—Psalm 23:4

           “When walking through the ‘valley of shadows,’ remember, a shadow is cast by a Light.”—Austin O’Malley


The willow tree branches dance on the hot summer air like the train of ball gown.


           I have often written about the willow trees in our yard.  The elegant, softly whispered grace of their meandering limbs are like the hem of a ball gown, long and loosely flowing behind a woman riding the waves of the air disturbance she creates waltzing about a large dance floor.  Unlike that gossamer dress, the willow is deeply rooted. It was this very image that came to mind this past weekend.

Father’s Day, our 29th wedding anniversary, our daughter’s birthday, and time set aside for writing were all on the agenda for the week.  It was all planned out, or so I thought . . .



Father’s Day, Maddie’s 19th birthday, and our 29th wedding anniversary were all celebrations on the schedule for the week.


           Saturday night.  Call came in. It wasn’t good.  Without revealing too much in order to honor privacy, John, my husband, and I ultimately headed to St. Mary’s hospital in nearby Huntington, WV on Sunday morning.  One delay after another, led us to arriving later than planned. Nonetheless, it worked out as our loved one was being moved from ICU—where we probably would not have been able to see her–to another floor of the hospital.

           As we spent time with this fragile soul, I took time to gently massage and caress her hands, arms, and shoulders. They were tense, tight, and cold. I kept trying to encourage the loved one to relax, but it was nearly impossible.  I suspect she was subconsciously grasping for control of a situation that was nonetheless uncontrollable. The few words she spoke reflected a deeply rooted faith; but her limbs as well as the tears welling in her eyes, like so often in life, revealed her hidden fear.  



A picture in St. Mary’s Hospital, Huntington, WV, from the 1920s of one of the hospital’s early operating rooms.


             My heart ached as we departed from the tiny room.  John and I made our way through the maze that is a hospital in order to find our way to the exit. We were already behind the so-called schedule in our heads, but all would be on-track soon, or so we thought.

           With the whoosh of the elevator door, we stepped into the lobby.  For a split second, the moment was surreal. The vortex of my mind saw two beloved men with whom John, Maddie, our daughter, and me had spent countless weekends at the local YMCA soccer field.  For that mini-point of time, I was swept away into the past, and then just as swiftly thrust forward into the harsh reality. One of the men, approximately the same age as my dad, was sick—there was no doubt about it.  The other man with him was his son. It was clear the son was trying to get help for his father. Wait, what was happening?

           John and I made our way quickly through the crowded lobby and to these dear ones.  I was swept into the arms of the older gentleman, and John warmly gripped the hand of the younger one in a handshake that had the conviction of warmth and genuine happy-to-see-you-gratitude. Sinking into the older man’s arms, my gaze glanced over his shoulder to his seated, and very frail, wife and worried daughter-in-law.  Oh no . . . before I heard the truth, the pain of its bite fought to overtake my pounding heart. No, no, no . . .not this too.


As seen on Instagram @heartcenteredrebalancing


           I felt the grip of the man’s emaciated figure pull me tighter still as my arms tried to hug him with an even more tenderness for fear of hurting him.  My dear sweet friends of years’ past, where had the time gone, and why are you hurting so? My mind raced through the maze of what-ifs before I heard the facts.

           Well over an hour passed as we sat with these precious souls.  John and I took turns speaking with husband and wife as well as son and daughter-in-law.  Just as it is when friends reunite, the time apart matters not, our hearts resumed their previous rhythms.  Hands held, shoulders stroked, eye gaze maintained with intention, ears perked to attention, all senses heightened.  Words of faith and strength were uttered, but body language belied the substratum of fear that is our human nature.


As I spoke to my friend on the phone for a second time, a feather fell from a bird and drifted onto me. All living things must shed and release in order to renew and grow in strength.


           An unplanned, impromptu phone call followed. I needed to connect with this couple’s daughter with whom, at one point in my life for many years, I spent nearly every day.  I listened to her strong voice, so similar to her sick dad’s; but also, like her Daddy, that voice was filled with a dam of emotion, hovering below the surface of her brave declarations, threatening to break free.  Even in roots of faith, a vein of fear was nicked in the rawness of life.

           Arriving home to a torrent of anxiety.  Our daughter had made a mistake—the kind you make when you’re entering those early years of adulthood.  It was a minor one, but it burst within her a deluge of tears, self-criticism, and panic. Her faith in herself and her higher source wavered.  And so it was my calling to once more sit, listen, connect, and offer my time and presence. Writing remained undone, and the schedule continued to fall to the wayside. This was not the plan for the day, but yet it was all perfectly orchestrated by a power greater than us.


I was captivated by this picture at St. Mary’s by the way the contrast of the light with the trees and the shadows they created together. When I looked at the photo days later, after writing this piece, I couldn’t help but notice my own image reflected in the glass. Divine Providence was already at work on my lesson without me realizing it yet.


           As I write these intensely felt words, my eyes often wander to the willow trees outside.  Not only have their roots deepened over the 17 or so years we have lived here, but also the branches have broadened and extend in all directions. Their shade now covers large portions of the yard, while the size and shape of their shadow shifts throughout the day as well as the seasons with the movement of the sunlight and the dressing and undressing of their leaves.  And so it is with life . . .




           Our lives branch and broaden not only from day-to-day, but also from life-season to life-season.   As we move through the stages of life, we may form new connections, but all branches of our life remain intact.  Sometimes we are stripped bare, like the limbs of a willow in the winter, or even broken by the strong winds of life.  


As seen on Instagram @spiritualist_within.


            Still, like the willow, there is opportunity for growth and strength when we root deeply into our core values of faith, family, and friends.   Then, the shadow cast by our lives becomes more expansive and shifts shape. This shadow, like the valleys of darkness we all must endure, is merely the underbelly of light.  Even though the willow must endure months of winter darkness, a time period in which it is disrobed of its brilliant emerald adornment, it redresses and is renewed each spring as the shafts of light begin to break through the winter clouds of bitterness.


flight landscape nature sky
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Christopher’s Eats: An Excellent Local Eatery with Outstanding Service and Staff

           “A great restaurant is one that just makes you feel like you’re not sure whether you went out or you came home and confuses you.  If it can do both of those things at the same time, you’re hooked.”—Danny Meyer

           If you know me, you know I enjoy cooking. Preparing delicious food from scratch is, to me, a creative and rewarding process—not to mention healthy and budget friendly.  Finding a recipe with potential, allowing complete absorption of my senses as I work with the recipe, giving it my own unique twist, serving it to loved ones, and seeing a smile spread across their face after the first bite, is an endeavor worth pursuing in my mind.  

           However, in world where schedules are often overbooked, and people are frequently overextended, it is nice to have a healthy and delicious alternative for meals that isn’t fast food.  A place where food is prepared from scratch with a similar sense of adventure and self-expression that I often feel cooking; and, where the staff takes time to know you by name. This is not an easy request, especially for me, as I have to eat gluten free due to celiac disease; and, I choose to eat mostly plant based.  (In other words, I rarely eat meat.) Meanwhile, my daughter, Maddie, and husband, John, have their own individual taste preferences; thus not any ol’ restaurant will do!




When dining out, I want my family to eat made-from-scratch real food such as these dishes prepared at Christopher’s Eats.

           One of our long established go-to restaurants is Christopher’s Eats, located on US RT 60 across from the semi-notorious pink elephant.  We discovered Christopher’s Eats several years ago when our daughter kept us rather busy with sports, especially soccer. A large portion of her games, and nearly all of the practices, were held at the YMCA Kennedy Center—just a hop, skip, and jump away from US. Rt 60. Therefore, it became our habit, 2-4 times per month, to either dine-in CE’s, as we love to call it, or dash-in for a quick to-go order for dinner.




The evening shines brightly into the bar and dining areas of Christopher’s Eats.           

          Christopher’s Eats consistently serves good, made-from-scratch meals.  From freshly baked flatbreads in their coal-fired oven to a wide-array of traditional and unique appetizers; from phenomenal fresh vegetable sides to creamy Mac n’ cheese and grilled meats to cooked perfection; from original bowl dishes to burgers, tacos, and other handhelds; and, from a wide array of succulent salads to decadent desserts; Christopher’s Eats has something for everyone!  




Both the dinner menu and lunch menu offer a wide-variety of food options–from the ultra-healthy to the ultra-splurge, and everything in between!



Jason Ball is at the ready at Coal-fired oven to create a wide-array of flatbread pizzas.




Jason Ball warms up for pizza making!

           Both John and Maddie love CE’s burgers and Mac and cheese.  In fact, their burgers (especially the Pimento and Bacon Burger) as well as their Mac’s cheese is the standard by which John compares when we travel and dine out.  I cannot tell you how many times John has lamented that a burger he ordered elsewhere is not near as tasty as what he can eat at Chris’ Eats. Additionally, he is absolutely crazy about their fish tacos and sautéed shaved Brussels sprouts.  




Fish tacos and sautéed shaved Brussel’s sprouts as well as Pimento and Bacon Cheeseburger served with a side of good ol’ Mac n Cheese are two of John’s favorite dishes a CE’s.

          Then again, John also loves their Black Bean and Corn Cakes as well as their Coal Fired Wings from the appetizer section of their menu.  We both love their Pulled Pork Nachos—although I rarely order them because of the meat and cheeses– but boy, are they ever good!! We have acquaintances that love the Coal Fired Olives, and others who love Pimento Cheese Fries or Sweet Tot Nachos.  Other diners with whom we have spoken, recommend all versions of the Seared Tuna—from appetizer version, to dinner portion, or served on salad. We keep it simple and order truffle fries as our appetizer even though they are technically a side.



Truffle fries are our favorite side that we often order as an appetizer, but tuna is a popular item with many of Chris’ Eats customers.


           Personally speaking, I love their bowls!  My two favorite bowls are the Veggie Stir-Fry and the Roasted Fennel Ragout.  The staff allows me to make tweaks to these dishes to adapt to my dietary needs and preferences.  (Oh my goodness, I am getting hungry just writing about them!) That said, the other bowls, look delicious as well; however, they don’t lend themselves as easily for adaptation for someone who eats gluten-free and mostly vegetarian.




Roasted Fennel Ragout, pictured here with asparagus and Veggie- Stir Fry are two of my favorite dishes at Christopher’s Eats.        

            Another personal favorite on their menu is the “pick three sides” option from which to make a meal.  (I’ve even added a fourth for a small upcharge.) Their vegetables are cooked and seasoned to perfection, including items such as Collard Greens, and their current offering of grilled asparagus!  The potato sides are also amazing—including Roasted Fingerling Sweet potatoes and Red-Skinned Mashed potatoes. Oh, and while these aren’t vegetables, have I mentioned their yummy melt-in-your-mouth fried apples?

           Additionally, I cannot say enough about their salads. I love the variety of salads as well as the fact that I can order most of their salads in two sizes.  Furthermore, for those eating a low-carb diet, CE’s offers several grilled meat options to top salads, including chicken, steak, salmon, shrimp, and tuna. Plus, all of their dressings are freshly made, and oh-so-beyond tasty!




          Look at these beautifully plated salads as well as a delectable looking entree!


 While I have not personally eaten these, I have dined at Chris’ Eats enough to see the wide variety of beautifully plated meat-based entrees and savory soups.  Given how gorgeously and generously prepared the entrees are served; I sometimes wish I were more of a meat eater. John has eaten the ten-ounce pork chop—despite the fact he is not, per se, a pork-chop kind of guy.  However, after John talked with a man who ordered the pork chop, and then listened to him describe in great detail how wonderfully it tasted, John had to order it and loved it!!!




           Check out these scrumptious looking main dishes so stunningly presented!


Sadly, I cannot eat their desserts as Chris’ Eats usually offers a cheesecake selection of the day.  Let me just say though, they look unbelievably good. I feel pangs in my heart each time I see one go by me while dining there (sigh).




Oh how I wish I could eat these tempting, tasty looking desserts!


           Finally, I would be remiss if I did not mention the exceedingly friendly staff at Christopher’s Eats.  They offer personal and thoughtful service, and pay attention to the details. Furthermore, I love that they make an effort to get to know their customers. In fact, nearly every time we visit, Chef Christopher Dixon, his wife (a manager and fellow yogi), Laura Dixon, or one of their other management staff, make a point to come around to greet customers and ensure quality service and food.  And, frankly, bottom line—even with their phenomenal food, if they did not have such outstanding staff and owners, we would not return as often as we do! CE’s staff makes it worth the 20-30 minute drive from Chesapeake, Ohio!




The next time you’re craving the comforts of good food, quality beverages, and a staff that caters to their customers, give Chris’ Eats a try; and tell them, Steph Simply sent you!  


P.S.  Thank you Christopher’s Eats for allowing me to use a few of your pictures from Instagram as well as take pictures during the dinner rush!



Time with family at Christopher’s Eats.           


Always Choose Kindness

            “No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted.”—Aesop

          “Remember there’s no such thing as a small act of kindness.  Every act creates a ripple with no logical end.”—Scott Adams


Public confession:  I love to people watch and eavesdrop in public.  I suppose I indulge in this habit for a number of reasons.  Perhaps, it is the story-lover in me in search of an interesting “read.”  Maybe, my default teacher mode is continually surveying whatever surrounding area I happen to land in order to ensure the safety of all.  Then again, it could be a genetic predisposition as my parents and grandparents possessed a knack for taking in the public behaviors of others.  Sometimes, I think I am driven to seek examples of goodness in the world in order to prove wrong the media’s focus on the negative side of humanity. Regardless of the reason or motivation, I am guilty as charged.


As seen on Instagram at spiritualist_wthin


My husband, John, our daughter, Maddie, and I have often discussed the importance of treating others with kindness, especially in the public arena.  John and I spent years as youth working in a wide variety of minimum wage job settings, but even as teachers, we have had eye-opening experiences both positive and negative when interacting with the public.




For example, while working at McDonald’s as a teen, a customer actually tried to physically pull me through the drive-thru window in a fit of rage because his food wasn’t ready.  Then, I once encountered was a woman at Lazarus (now Macy’s), who repeatedly berated me and accused me of purposely charging her the wrong price for a sales’ item.  (Thank heavens for a nearby manager in both situations.)

Even as a teacher, I have certainly had my fair share of negative/shocking experiences.  Thus, it is important to our family that we try to treat those who provide services for us with as much respect and kindness as possible as illustrated by a couple of recent experiences. I am by no means implying we are perfect, but we believe it is a worthwhile goal.

With Madelyn home from college, I have accompanied her to a few public spaces rife with opportunities to people-watch, specifically, doctor office waiting rooms.  Summer is the perfect time for updating contact/glasses prescription, visiting doctor and dentist for check ups, and, the big one, removing wisdom teeth.  Some of these visits, Maddie can navigate on her own with our family’s insurance card, while other appointments require a parent’s presence for either payment, or in the case of wisdom teeth removal, as a designated driver.

As seen on Instagram at positiveenergyalways


Our eye doctor, Mark Brown, OD, has an office is inside a Wal-Mart, which is always an interesting place to observe people! However, for the sake of this story, I’ll stick to the take-away point: the importance of kindness.  Dr. Brown has a gentle way of interacting with his patients, and his staff reflects a similar sense of calm.  As we were leaving, Maddie and I were conversing with one of the staff members who began sharing with us the challenges of working with the public.  She concluded with a rude interaction she recently experienced with a (now former) patient.   In the end, she stated, “If he had only been nice in the first place, we would have worked something out with him.”

One day later, Maddie and I were once again together in another doctor’s office, Mountain State Oral and Facial Surgery, in order to have her wisdom teeth extracted.  She was naturally apprehensive and nervous, but the staff exuded kindness beyond measure, as did many of the patients in the waiting room.

Since I was in the waiting room for quite an extended period of time, I visited the restroom a couple of times.  On my last visit, I took the last of the toilet paper.  As I exited the bathroom, another lady was heading in there.  I suggested she wait while I asked the front desk staff for more toilet paper.  She seemed astonished that I would tell her, and even thanked me as she momentarily returned to the seat while the staff member graciously took care of the issue.

Later, a surgery staff member made a special trip to find me in the waiting room.  This young lady explained that Maddie wanted me to know that everything was fine, and that she was only now going under anesthesia.  “She knew you had been out here for quite a while, and she didn’t want you to be worried.”

Not only was I incredibly touched by my daughter’s thoughtfulness, but also by the staff member’s follow-through. After all, she could have assured Maddie she would tell me, but not actually taken time do it with good reason, as they were quite busy on that day.

While continuing to wait, another patient began to inquire about Madelyn.

“How has she adjusted to being old enough to fill-out and sign her own paper work?”

Realizing I was with another people-watcher in order for her to know this about Maddie, I respectfully listened to her experiences when she first turned 18 even though I had planned to use the time to study and read.  Ultimately, she ended up sharing information about a medical app called, Care Zone, which I could download on all of our family phones that would store our medical history, medicines, and insurance information.  She explained it would not only help Maddie as she independently navigated medical appointments, but it would also help the entire family keep track of important information medical facilities need for routine visits and emergency situations. I was moved by her helpfulness.

As seen on Instagram at yoga_digest


Finally, I was called back to the holding room where, Kayla, another assistant, detailed all of the information required to adequately and safely care for Maddie as she recovered from this minor, but significant, outpatient surgery.  When Maddie was finally wheeled into me, she was naturally quite silly from the anesthesia, but Kayla remained patient, considerate, and tolerant of Maddie’s antics and repetitious commentary even when I could not keep a straight face.


Maddie, pictured here, not long after her wisdom teeth were extracted when she was still in a really silly phase due to anesthesia.


In the meantime, another staff member, who I believe was named Brittany, came out to talk to me.  While I am not able to recall her precise wording, a couple of points stood out.  First of all, she explained that all types of people visit their office, especially young adults, but that Maddie was one of most thoughtful and respectful. Secondly, she appreciated Maddie’s curious mind and ability to engage in meaningful conversation.  There were other points shared that made my parent-heart smile, but I’ll privately treasure those.  The main point is: Brittany didn’t have to leave her workspace to tell me.  Likewise, it would have been understandable, given the situation, for Maddie to not have taken time to courteously interact; and yet, they both did.

Like begets like; kindness begets kindness. Even if you never see the effect, to act kindly is always the right choice. Is it always easy? No.  Are you going to have days where you forget? Probably.  Is it worth practicing as often as possible? Absolutely!  Besides, you never know who is watching, and what lessons you are exemplifying.


As seen on Instagram at heartcenteredrebalancing.