Morning Crashes

Morning Crashes

Rising, rioting, reveling

Indigo first, pales slowly

Vivid cantaloupe and blood orange

Light emerges victorious

Splashing, sparkling, spooling

Gently caressing the shore

Calm after the storm’s

Angry, hungry face

Ebbing, emerging, emanating

Brilliant white light reflecting

Moving liquid glass

Tide returns to harmony

Darting, diving, drifting

Ducks play to and fro

Stormy or silky

Neither detract from the swim


Swinging, swaying, swiveling

Blades of jade glistening

Petals of plum shimmering

Wet kissings of last night’s rain

Calling, chirping, crooning

Flights of dance

Chirrups from the branch

Twitters of early dawn

Crashing, colliding, clattering

Resonance in my head

Battle to breathe calmly

Be like the sea


Imbuing, imparting, infusing

Sweetly aromatic space

Heady, rich perfume

Inhale deeply

Stretching, seeking, searching

Arms outstretched for the firmament

Cosmically small; still

I will try again


















4 thoughts on “Morning Crashes

    1. Thank you, Damini! I hope you check out the rest of my blog and choose to become a follower. It is new and still growing, but I’d like to have you join my simple journey!


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