Bear Lake Wilderness Camp: A Boat-in Fishing/Hunting/Canoeing Adventure!

           “The charm of fishing is that it is the pursuit of what is elusive but attainable, a perpetual series of occasions for hope.”—John Buchan

           “There are always new places to go fishing.  For any fisherman, there’s always a new place, always a new horizon.”—Jack Nicklaus


Scottie Duncan holds a bass he caught and released at BLWC.


           For fisherman and hunters alike, January and February is the time of year when many outdoors enthusiasts start planning their spring, summer, or fall fishing or hunting trip(s).  Many larger cities host annual hunting and fishing shows in attempt to bring together outdoors enthusiast with those organizations that who support their endeavors either through goods or services.  In fact, the West Virginia Hunting and Fishing Show is scheduled for January 25, 26, and 27 of 2019.

           This is the 32nd year for this local treat sponsored by the West Virginia Trophy Hunters Association. According to the show’s website, proceeds from this event, other than the costs to run the show and operate the club, “are donated to programs that promote or protect hunting, fishing, wildlife, conservation, and related educational activities.”  This show prides itself in offering the outdoor adventurer quality products and services related to hunting and fishing with first class exhibitors from as far away as Alaska, New Zealand, Spain, and Africa as well as the United States and Canada.


Another nice bass caught and released at BLWC.


           One of those first class businesses is Bear Lake Wilderness Camp.   Owned and operated by Pendleton, KY resident, Major Bill Drane (US Army Reserve), this camp offers opportunities for both fishing and hunting adventures, depending upon the season.  Located in the La Cloche Mountains in the heart of Ontario’s Killarney Wilderness Park, this boat-in camp is situated in a picturesque, pristine natural setting sure to please the pickiest outdoors person.  In addition to abundant hunting and fishing opportunities, BLWC is also a great location for swimming, wildlife photography, hiking, rock hounding, camping, as well as multiple canoe excursions, including portage routes.




Welcome to the peace, quiet, and seclusion of BLWC.



Cooper, the camp’s husky; Manly, the camp’s rottweiler; along with dockhands, Rheal Quinn and Stewart Jordan are ready to take to your cabin at BLWC, so that you can start your next fishing adventure!


           Located on Bear Lake, the most remote lake of a chain of ten connecting lakes on the northern boundary of Killarney Provincial Park, campers can expect a 15.5 mile boat ride from the only road in the area of the lodge!  Due to this remoteness, Bear Lake offers fishermen and women the opportunity to fish for smallmouth bass, largemouth bass, lake trout, walleye, northern pike, whitefish and perch. Given its location, BLWC may have the best largemouth and smallmouth bass fishing in all of Ontario!  Furthermore, this lake is especially known for its trophy walleyes.


Who’s ready to fish?



Scottie Duncan, Travis Lane, and my husband, John Hill last summer (2018) at Bear Lake Wilderness Camp.


Notice all the lakes and waters (red, yellow, green, and blue areas of map) that can be explored in BLWC


        This past summer (2018), John,  my husband and diehard fisherman, along with two of his buddies, Travis Lane and Scottie Duncan, visited BLWC for John and Scottie’s 3rd visit and Travis’ 2nd.  All three fishermen agree that BLWC is the ideal location for budget-friendly fishing (or hunting) adventure.  Lane especially could not say enough about the friendly and helpful staff. “They are all around good guys who are willing to go the extra mile to help their campers.” Duncan added that it’s the camp’s seclusion that grabs his heart with each visit.  “You can’t find a place more remote or more beautiful than BLWC, especially the remote portage lakes. Bill goes out of his way to help campers get to those isolated areas with no fishing pressure whatsoever.”



Taking a lunch break on the shore of a secluded Canadian island after several hours of fishing in the pristine and private wilderness found at BLWC.




           For sure, opportunities for off-the-beaten path fishing are a special and unique feature of BLWC.   With 35 other lakes surrounding Bear Lake, BLWC has canoe or boat caches on 25 of those remote lakes!  According to John, these lakes are virtually un-fished and untouched by man except for the few adventurous fishermen and women willing to take the time to explore those areas.  Furthermore, John added that the immense peace and quiet, as well as the wild, natural beauty, of those remote lakes must be seen to be believed! “When you realize that no other human is around; it’s just you, your fishing buddies, and nature, it is a feeling like no other!”   A few of those lakes, he added, even offer the opportunity to fish for brook trout or lake trout



Are you ready to go fishing yet?




           That said, if spring and summer fishing/ canoeing aren’t your preferred out-of-doors adventure, BLWC also offers hunting for moose, black bear, duck, and grouse.   Can’t decide between fishing and hunting? Talk to Bill about the “Cast and Blast” special. This offers campers the opportunity to fish and hunt during the fall. When hunting, campers can expect to hunt over baits from tree stand or from ground blinds; and, BLWC offers hunting specials both during bow-only season as well as gun/bow seasons.


AW . . . the peace and quiet of watching storm clouds rolling in . . .


Living the dream of wilderness fishing away from the hustle and bustle of contemporary life.



Random images captures while exploring abandoned cabins found on several remote islands of BLWC.  If only their walls could talk, what tales might they reveal?


          As a boat-in camp, BLWC doesn’t have those challenging weight-limits that fly-in camps have.  However, it still offers the same desired level of remoteness that fly-in camps possess. Located on a small island, BLWC offers both American (dinner only) and housekeeping plans.  Each cabin comes with a refrigerator, stove, lights, and sinks with running water. The kitchen area of each cabin is stocked with all the pots, pans, and utensils needed to cook up favorite camp meals.


Who’s ready for a fish fry? Plus, extra to freeze and take home!



Hungry after a hard day of fishing . . .


           With regard to fishing, every two paying customers get the use of a new 16-foot Lund boat with Honda four-stroke outboard motor; and, BLWC pays for the gas!  Plus, the camp has a fleet of portage boats and canoes on the surrounding lakes at the disposal of campers—something John and his buddies highly recommend taking advantage of!


The excitement of your buddy and you catching a fish at the same time!


           Want to take your child along to BLWC? Kids under 14, when accompanied by a paying adult, are offered a reduced rate.  Studies indicate that kids who hunt and/or fish with their parent(s) have a greater appreciation for nature, wildlife and conservation efforts.  Thus, BLWC could be the perfect destination for parent/child outdoor adventure!



The splashing joy of catching fish . . . 


           John and I highly encourage you to visit not only the West Virginia Hunting and Fishing Show at the end of this month, but to especially make sure you visit  Bill Drane at his BLWC exhibit! You won’t find a nicer gentleman who is ready to make your Canadian fishing and/or hunting aspirations become a reality. Tell him Steph simply sent you!

           From our home to yours, John and I wish you happy, safe, and adventurous travels in this upcoming year!




           P.S. If you have any questions regarding this camp, feel free to email me at, and I will put you in touch with John.  Additionally, you can directly check out for more information!



Just imagine sounds of the shoreline water lapping the dock and boat and the moon blesses the sky above.



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  1. Great story! I have been looking at this camp for the last few days. Hopefully, we will be able to get there when this lockdown stuff ends.
    Thanks for sharing.

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