Return to Wheeling/Bethany, WV beginning to feel like a second home

            “Every moment I have had with my daughter is precious.”—Cathy Shaffer


            “From the region’s largest trail system, to national schools of excellence, to a reorganized municipal government, the City of Wheeling offers a dynamic environment for you, your family and your business.”—


           We have visited this area so much over the past few years; it is beginning to feel a bit like a second home. Wheeling, WV, with its rich history, wide-ranging geographic layout—including abundant water sources, mountains, hills, and valleys, as well as gracious residents, is a welcoming and inviting city worthy of repeated visits. Furthermore, it located, “down-the-mountain,” as we like to say, from our daughter’s current home-away-from-home, Bethany College—a charming, picturesque institution also chock full of a warm, hospitable population. In fact, we have yet to tire of staying in this area.



Old Main at Bethany College in Bethany, WV on a crisp, cold spring April morning.

This past spring break was no exception! Madelyn, our daughter, had experienced her spring break a few weeks earlier. However, she was unable to come home for it. Instead, she applied for and was accepted into a research internship at West Virginia University. During this time, she called/texted at regular intervals, delighted with both the equipment/facilities she was able to use and/or see as well as overall with the experience.


“Mom, Dad, I saw a $600,000 microscope, but I wasn’t allowed to use it.”


“Today, I was able to use a $150,000 microscope!”


“You wouldn’t believe what I experienced today—a whole virtual experience where it seemed like I was inside a snake, and later, the a human brain. It was so cool!”


On and on her comments came, so we knew the experience was positive for her. Still, we missed seeing her; and, she said, she missed seeing us. Therefore, as John, my husband and I, are both teachers at the same school, St. Joseph Catholic School in Huntington, WV, we decided to take advantage of our time off and go see Ms. Maddie.

John, me, and Maddie


While we wish the little town of Bethany had a hotel in which we could stay in order to be closer to campus, we are always happy to stay in nearby Wheeling, a short 30 minute or so drive up the mountain ridge. The scenery is always quite stunning–no matter the season of the year, despite the fact I personally fight carsickness as we wind around the curvaceous roads.


On this visit we stayed in the Wheeling Hampton Inn located on historic National Road, the first highway built entirely with federal funds during Jefferson’s administration.   This comfy and delightful hotel provided an outstanding and accommodating atmosphere for spending time with Maddie and one of her roommates, Tatum Dyar. Assistant General Manager, Taylor J. Smith, went out of his way to ensure our experience was positive, including shuttling us around Wheeling when needed despite the fact we offered to drive.



Hampton Inn in Wheeling, WV located on historic National Road the first federally funded highway dating back to the Jefferson administration.


“No, no, man. We got you. We will take you there, and pick you whenever you call. Don’t use your gas!”


Now, that is service!


Taylor J. Smith, Assistant General Manager, Wheeling Hampton Inn


However, it wasn’t just the shuttle that made our experience so uplifting, it was the way the entire staff went out of their way to welcome John, Maddie, Tatum, and me—even though Maddie and Tatum were not staying overnight in the hotel. Additionally, the breakfast staff was also personal and attentive, including walking around with fresh baked cinnamon rolls for visitors in the morning. That said, the Hampton employees were not the only affable and obliging staff, so were wait staff and cooks in two different Wheeling restaurants and at Bethany College.


Tatum Dyar with Maddie, our daughter


To begin, our family was shuttled, courtesy of Taylor, to and from Ye Olde Alpha, a favorite restaurant. Tatum had never eaten at this local establishment, so we felt we should help her experience the charm of this unique and family owned business. In fact, this business was established in 1932 and offers both a traditional lounge, separate dining area, as well as rooms for private parties. The menu is wide and quite varied, allowing for a wide variety of tastes, American, Mexican, Greek, as well as provides options for meat and veggie-lovers alike. The portions are generous, and our experience with the service has always been positive. This eatery has certainly created return customers out of our family.



Some of our dishes at Ye Olde Alpha in Wheeling, WV.


The following night, Steve, also from the Hampton Inn, shuttled us to and from Wheeling Brewing Company. On this night, we dined with Maddie, Gigs Ashton, Amy Van Horn, and her daughter, Eden. This was our second visit to this quaint establishment that prides itself on, “Keepin’ it local.”   In fact, WBC has more than 20 local partnerships from Fiestaware in Newell, WV to HerBold Organic Farms; from Centre Market Bakery to the Ukrainian Catholic Church; and from Miklas Meat Market to Susan’s Antiques and Décor, to name a few.  This restaurant is a one-of-a-kind experience. The foods are fresh, the menu is eclectic, and the service is excellent. Additionally, on two separate visits (the first time was in the fall of 2017), the kitchen went out of their way with one of their menu items, Kimchi Boat, to tweak the ingredients in order to ensure the dish was gluten-free for me; and, I personally love their Detox Salad and Vegetarian Board—YUM! Still, you do not have to be a plant-based eater to enjoy this eatery. They offer plenty of traditional burgers, sandwiches, nachos, and pizzas to satisfy the pickiest eater!







A few of our delightful meals from Wheeling Brewing Company.


John, me, Maddie, Amy VanHorn with her daughter, Eden Rice, and Gigs Ashton.


Finally, we cannot say enough about Ms. Linda and Bethany College Dining Service, including the on-campus coffee shop, The Hub. Ms. Linda, an employee at Bethany, I believe, for over 40 years, is the campus guardian of students. All students seem to know her by name, and she knows them as well. She welcomed John and I with hugs and served up awesome coffee on the golden, but very chilly spring day. The following day we enjoyed brunch with Maddie and Tatum in the Dining Hall. Wow! What an establishment—so many choices—including, as my daughter proudly pointed out, all types of gluten free bread, fresh vegetables, salads, and fruit. Of course, there was the traditional hot meal line as well as made-to-order paninis, sandwiches, salads, pizza, and omelets!




All in all, we are so pleased our daughter has chosen to attend Bethany College. We enjoy this unique locale, its friendly people, and beautiful scenery. More importantly, we appreciate the individualized education our daughter is receiving, the scholarship and internship opportunities available to her, and the phenomenal friends, staff, and professors that surround her. Even though we know a college education offers personal and academic challenges, as parents we feel comforted in knowing our daughter is in good hands. We look forward to visiting her again and again over the next three to four years!


The next you’re in the Wheeling/Bethany area, please visit any or all of these fine establishments; and tell them, Steph simply sent you!  Safe travels!


P.S. Thank you, Maddie and friends, for making us feel at home during our visit!!!




79105626-7650-4c2c-9c6a-9277528f2fa1It’s nice to see college hasn’t taken away Maddie’s sense of humor!!! 

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